| Jul 14, 2016 |
Dwell launches new site features for design aficionados
Boh staff
By Staff

Dwell is launching a new, user-centric website that allows design aficionados to build expressive personal profiles, connect with like-minded visitors, share stories and content, and create self-curated collections. The public beta is now live. The site's new homepage focuses on three themes: “Just for You,” with Dwell-recommended stories personalized for each visitor; “Community,” with shared content; and “Following,” a list of brands and influencers that users are following.

“Whether you are a devotee or a follower of Dwell, you know that the magazine has been the arbiter of modern architecture and design for 15 years,” says Michela O’Connor Abrams, Dwell’s president and CEO. “During this time, it has become our mission to make the world a better place through good design. The new Dwell is a destination for our devoted audience, and all design enthusiasts, to not only find a voice for their sensibilities and challenges, but to have one alongside a trusted design authority.”

The new platform also encompasses 15 years of content and photography. “It’s about the story behind the image,” says Abrams. “We’re giving users tools they’ve never had before, to dig deeper into the content that they find most intriguing by asking questions about products and materials or providing insight on design inspiration. From there, they can make connections that best suit their needs—the possibilities are endless.”

“With Dwell, we have the amazing opportunity to build a collaboration platform on the foundation of a trusted resource with iconic imagery and insightful content,” says the magazine’s CTO, Bobby Gaza. “Across goods and service industries, what’s proven to be most successful is anticipating the needs of the user and providing an experience that exceeds those needs in unexpected ways. Users on the new platform will be able to curate their feed and choose the ways they’d like to engage with the community. Engagement and feedback will continue to be incredibly important as we define the roadmap for development over the next few years.”

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