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Dror sculpture to be unveiled at Sao Paolo museum
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Sharing the inspiring power of creativity and art, international designer and New York product designer Dror Benshetrit is donating a 4.5-meter high sculpture 'Reach' to the 'Casa da Criança Amor & Arte',  a school, arts and community center for the children of Jataí, Goiás, Brasil curated and produced by the Love & Art Children's Foundation.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on July 21, 2012.

Dror's piece aims to inspire the young students of the school as it represents an open stairway that reaches the sky. Fabricated with the support of Brazilian steel company Mekal, the 1.5 ton sculpture is made from the assembly of QuaDror squares. 'Reach' will be unveiled at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MuBE) in Sao Paulo on July 2-8 as part of the exhibition to celebrate the opening of the center.

The sculpture piece consists of assembled QuaDror squares, clustered in a way to form an open stairway to the sky. The QuaDror geometry was created in 2006 and which he has since investigated in a cross-disciplinary and collaborative environment. The unique geometry has unfolded a wide scope of advantages for construction that lead to design application ideas for product and architecture. 

Says the New York-based designer (pictured above), "I feel like I never left the imaginary world in which I would find inspiration when I was a child. It was fed by images of Rodin's sculpture, paintings and colors from old European masters that I would find and collect. I was constantly drawing and dreaming. I am the same today actually. I only have more references and sources of inspiration, as well as more knowledge and access to execute and materialize my visions. I am an advocate and a true believer of the importance of artistic education for the healthy growth of one's mind. For this, I am honored and pleased to be able to contribute to the Love & Art Children's Foundation educative platform in Brazil. It feels great to know that my artistic expression can be part of the educational environment of the Love & Art school and that it may inspire the students and help them feel that sky is the limit. My sculpture is a bridge between creative vision and technical execution, and metaphorically it means to bridge the ground to the sky as an open stairway. I wish to inspire children's creativity and dreams with it."

Founded in 2003 by Brasilian artist Alécia de Menezes Seidler in Los Angeles, California, the Love & Art Children's Foundation was born out of the desire to reach out to children in need and to offer them, through the arts, a way of expression, empowerment and hope. The foundation brings its unique art workshop program to underprivileged groups of children. Working with an artist, each child has the opportunity to create a large scale, mixed media work of art. Time, attention and care help the children open up and use their vivid imaginations. The resulting art collections are a vibrant testament to the spirit of creativity and youth.

To share the beauty and power of the children's art, Love & Art organizes exhibitions around their creations and their stories. Through the exhibitions these young artists receive recognition for their accomplishments. Some of Love & Art's past highlights include projects with children afflicted with cancer in Paris and with foster youth in Los Angeles. These art collections titled: L'Enfant et l'Art and Enchanted were respectively exhibited at Les Arts Décoratif, in the Louvre Palace in Paris and at Christie's Beverly Hills.

Love & Art raised $600,000 from art auctions, conducted by Christie's, that followed each exhibit. 100% of all proceeds directly benefited the organizations providing services for those children, and enabled these young artists to give back to their own communities.

Love & Art Children's Foundation has built its first children's house, Casa da Criança Amor & Arte, that provides a safe haven for underprivileged children offering them a variety of art workshops, healthy educational activities and sport programs in Jataí, Goiás, Brasil. Casa da Criança Amor & Arte will be a model for more children centers the foundation envisions.

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