| Mar 2, 2011 |
DFA launches online directory for 'Why a Designer' campaign
Boh staff
By Staff

In its continued advocacy for the interior design profession, the Decorative Furnishings Association (DFA) has introduced a website, Find Great Design, to guide prospective clients to the experience of design in the showrooms, design centers and design professionals.

The site is part of DFA's national campaign, “Why A Designer,” which appears in this season’s editions of most design magazines. The ad introduces consumers to the real and extraordinary value of design and guides them to the site to learn, find and know more about it.

"For too long, too many affluent households have presumed there were limits to their access to design and designers. Now, something is being done to provide simple pathways, starting with an invitation for them to visit showrooms and design centers so they can connect with design professionals, like you. We believe everyone deserves access to good design, and what better place to meet you than in a design center," said DFA Executive Director Steve Nobel.

"This joint effort to inspire prospective clients is a big start—it’s never been done before on such a national scale with eight magazines promoting it—all aiming to stimulate new clients for designers."

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