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BIID introduces national standards for UK designers
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By Staff

For the first time in UK design history, the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has created the BIID Professional Pathway, which will provide a national, professional standard for practicing interior designers.

“The BIID Professional Pathway is the most exciting and significant development in interior design education for many years," said Sue Timney, President of the BIID. "Until now, anyone has been able to call themselves an interior designer, regardless of qualifications, experience or proven talent. From now on, the BIID Professional Pathway will set a new, rigorous standard for professional competence."

The BIID has worked closely with designers from commercial and residential fields, leading design educators and other industry professionals to develop the BIID Professional Pathway.

Comprising five distinct modules—Design Process, Communication and Presentation, Construction Materials, Professional Practice and Final Project—the BIID Professional Pathway is designed to be undertaken while the candidate is working as an interior designer. (Click here for more details on each of the modules).

Practicing interior design while undertaking the Professional Pathway allows for the use of knowledge and skills gained in everyday practice to evidence professional competence throughout the program. It is also flexible, allowing designers to enter the program at different points, recognizing the qualifications and experience they have already gained in the field.

The BIID’s vision for the program is that it bridges the gap for interior designers between education and achieving full professional standing. Taking part in the BIID Professional Pathway also consolidates and validates the skills of self-taught designers and offers a clear distinction between professionals and hobbyists. Candidates will be able to certify their professional competence, demonstrating that they have met national standards.

Meanwhile, design practice employers will have a national benchmark to track the progress of their employees. The BIID Professional Pathway will also provide clients with confidence that the designer they have hired meets the highest professional standards in the country and is equipped with the skills, knowledge and creativity required to carry out a brief.

"The BIID Professional Pathway underpins the Institute's role as the professional body designated to provide the standards, training and support to interior designers," added Timney. "It is the cornerstone of our drive towards inspiring great talent and design excellence. Upon completion of the BIID Professional Pathway, a candidate will be eligible for full BIID membership, and will be recognized by the public and the interior design industry as a registered, practicing professional."

Entry to the BIID Professional Pathway is free as part of a BIID Associate Membership. If the candidate is employed by a BIID Design Practice, they are entitled to a 25% discount on their annual membership rate. Contact Katherine Elworthy at 020.7349.0800 or by email for further information or to enroll.

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