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Architectural photography by Scott Frances rocks the DDB
By Staff

By Jennan Al-Hamdouni

New York's Decoration and Design Building's (DDB) Annex Building (formerly home to Scalamandré) was the place to be last week where the celebration of Scott Frances' striking photographs filled all three floors. A stylish crowd of designers, editors and artists enjoyed the opening of MonoVisionN.

Richard Meier and Scott Frances.

The Editor at Large made rounds and chatted with the guests to ask what they loved about Scott's work and what sets him apart.

"I've known Scott for years and I'm excited to be here to support his work," said architect Campion Platt. "What has always made Scott's work exceed the norm has been his understanding of design and of architecture. He has always been ahead of the curve in the technology he uses and has a clear and extensive understanding of a room and how it should be seen in a photograph."

Thad Hayes and Campion Platt.

Another long-time friend and colleague of Frances, architect Alexander Gorlin said, "It's really obvious why Scott's work is so respected. When you look at the composition and the perspective of his photography, you're able to appreciate the architecture and design in the picture as well as the skill and art of his work."

Millie Massa, Bobby Contini and Alexa Hampton.

Interior designer Alexa Hampton talked about the long history her father, legendary interior designer Mark Hampton, and her company has had with Frances. "I could go on and on and on and on about how much I love Scott's work," said Hampton. "There's a very good reason that my father and now I always use his photography. My dad respected the way Scott worked and appreciated his attention to detail in every single photograph. Scott and I have known each other for so long, I could talk about him until I'm blue in the face! I'll refrain though because blue isn't my best color."


Pilar Viladas, Design Editor for the New York Times, wrote the text accompanying the photographs in the MonoVisioN exhibit. "Scott has always had such a devotion to his photography, it's truly a marvel to watch him work," she said. "Perhaps one of the finest things about his photography of design and architecture is his loyalty to natural light and his dedication to a literally perfect capture."

Jayne Michaels and Brad Ford.

Patti Frances agreed that her husband's dedication to perfection is a true rarity. "I can't even explain how impressed I am with Scott when I've been present on a shoot," she said. "When we were in South Africa, everyone watching simply couldn't get over how determined he was. The sky was cloudy and the light wasn't ideal but Scott squeezed every single drop of light from the sky until he was satisfied with his work!"

Julia Noran, Timo Weiland, Ashlee Harrison and Alan Eckstein.

Ashlee Harrison, Marketing Director of the DDB, added that not only the photography, but also the gallery space was part of Scott's mastery. "Before this installation of MonoVisioN, this space was previously a showroom," said Harrison. "Watching Scott's creative ability to help transform three floors of showroom space into an intimate and artistic exhibit is further proof of his talent."

MonoVisioN is open at the DDB, Suite 110, from now through July 29 before it travels to the other Cohen Design Centers in Florida (DCOTA) and Houston (DCH).

All photography by Patrick McMullan Company.

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