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Studio Gaspo

Orlando, Tampa, Philadelphia
Studio Gaspo is a boutique full-service interior design firm based in Central Florida (but we'll go anywhere for a kick-ass project!) Our clients are busy professionals who appreciate great design but don't have the time or desire to dabble in the details. They're killing it in their zone of genius, and are happy to let us handle ours - designing upscale homes that are still comfortable, cool, and anything but cookie-cutter. It's kind of our thing. Our firm has expertise in large-scale construction projects, and takes pride in being able to fully reimagine and transform a space. We not only have the creative vision - we also know the logistics of the construction process. We make things seamless by providing top-notch service, along with the deliverables needed to execute on our designs. We act as an advocate and liaison in all stages of the project, from reviewing floor plans to installing furniture.
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