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Marketing & PR
New York, NY , London, UK ,Los Angeles, CA
GalloAtelier was founded by CMO and Brand Executive, Annette Gallo Gallo Atelier is a strategic creative consultancy specializing in branding and partnerships. Gallo Atelier focuses on working with up-and-coming and legacy brands in hospitality, luxury, real estate, and design. We are located in NYC and Hudson Valley, serving clients globally.
business strategy
marketing strategy
idea generation
art advisory
digital marketing
luxury brand management
luxury clienteling
luxury startup
design business
art business
business development
public relations
social media
content creation
graphic design
influencer collaborations
strategic brand positioning
new business development
online marketing
brand management
content strategy
thought leadership

Services Provided

business strategy, marketing strategy, branding, idea generation, art advisory, digital marketing, luxury brand management, luxury clienteling, luxury startup, design business, art business, business development, public relations, pr, social media, content creation, graphic design, influencer collaborations, strategic brand positioning, new business development, online marketing, brand management, content strategy, writing, thought leadership

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Annette Gallo
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