Born & raised in northern New Jersey to two artistic teachers, Emily considered her old blue farmhouse on the end of a suburban street an overloaded prop shop. Everything she ever needed for art class existed either hidden in the dark attic, stacked in the crowded basement, or buried in the kitchen junk drawer. Growing up she would create collages and cover canvases with watercolors and pastels that were once used by her grandparents. When she was a senior in high school she was given an slr camera for her birthday. She used it over the course of a few months for a photo class and then put it on a shelf in her bedroom. When in college, Emily explored multiple mediums ranging from sculpture to graphic design, all with the exception of photography. It wasn't until after her post collegiate career as a Set Dresser in the Film & TV industry that she took the shiny "new" camera off the shelf in her childhood bedroom & began developing a passion for photography. Her fascination with lines, space, and repetition, coupled with her experience as a Set Dresser, lead her to the art of Interior & Architectural photography. Her interest in environments both meticulously designed and those that exist in nature is what drives her to capture the essence of each space she sets out to photograph. She has since upgraded her camera, and the old one (now broken) sits quietly on a shelf in her Brooklyn home, where she lives with her husband, two children, and their Boston Terrier, Ollie.

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