NKBA Summit: Luxury Defined
June 23-24
NKBA will explore the world of ultra-high-end kitchen design in its first 2021 summit, which delves into the world of luxury, its meaning today and the consumers/designers who inhabit this narrow demographic. The summit will also be where NKBA reveals the exclusive results of its recent Luxury Kitchen study, available in report form to all who attend the conference (a $2995 value). Exclusive programming will feature expert presentations, panel discussions, and more. The NKBA summit will also feature interviews with designers who will share insights into their high-end success with projects and clients. Participating designers include: • Sarah Robertson, AKBD • Peter Salerno, CMKBD • Alyson O’Hanlon, CKD • Anne-Marie Brunet, CMKBD • Jan Neiges, CMKBD • Nar Bustamante • Brendan Flanigan • Vicky Serany In addition, the following are some of the featured programming segments: • The Luxury Client / Designer Relationship Explained • The Modern Luxury Kitchen: Designing Without Rules • The Luxury Kitchen Deconstructed • Luxury: What it is... and what it isn't.
Featured Events
Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, UK, May 16
North Carolina, June 5