Empower the Designer
September 25-27
Private Location

The first retreat of its kind, this event will take place in Miami and will focus on an in-depth exploration of all things finance. We have curated a lineup of leading minds in the interior design industry who will provide detailed, actionable approaches to solving common problems. Attendees will also have the opportunity to delve into the nuances of their own businesses, examining operations, leadership, and the legal, financial, and tax aspects of their work.

Key topics and solutions we will cover include:

Contract Customization and Client Deals: Learn how to secure the best deals for your clients and create tailored contract packages for each project.

Billing, Payment, Profit and Loss Processes: Discover strategies to streamline the billing and payment process and develop systems to easily track profit and loss on projects.

Client Relationship Management: Understand best practices for maintaining positive relationships with clients throughout the project life cycle.

Finance: Understand how to analyze your income statement and balance sheet to make smart business decisions.  Examine the pros and cons of entity structure in order to build a business that is right for you.  Examine how to save money by discussing sound tax solutions and how sales tax nexus impacts your business. 

Hiring and Team Building: Gain insights into hiring key employees for the right positions and building a passionate, goal-oriented team.

Legal: Understand how to create employee handbooks and the importance of solid employee contracts.  Review and evaluate non disclosure agreements and how to best protect yourself and your business.    

Leadership: Uncover your leadership style and learn how to leverage that style to enhance your decision making skills, improve communication and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. 

This retreat aims not only to educate but also to provide practical solutions to the myriad challenges faced by interior design professionals. It is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of the business side of interior design and to refine your strategies for success.

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