Ceiling Fans 101 (Free CEU Credits)
April 21
Residential ceiling fans are often perceived to be a necessary evil. We understand they are functionally helpful, but they can be confusing and complicated. In addition, we wonder if they really do what they promise. Finally, with all of the Federal Government regulations, it is becoming more difficult to really understand what you are specifying and buying. This session is offered as an introductory explanation of residential ceiling fans. Participants will learn about all of the parts that make-up a ceiling fan, along with all of the different types of ceiling fans and how they differ. Attendees will learn about the wide variety of fan controls, which are connected to a ceiling fan type and their different features and benefits. The audience will learn how to properly “size” a fan, position a fan and select the correct fan based on the new United States federally mandated packaging information. How to solve fan wobble, one of the most annoying aspects of an ownership, will be discussed.
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