Business FRAMEWORK Masterclass for Interior Designers
March 6 - April 14
What's Included: - Weekly 60 minute group zoom calls - Weekly Q&A session - Community Slack channel - 1:1 support from Renee & Meaghan - Personalized Business Framework - Pricing model for your services - 12 month financial plan - Defined services with outlined scopes - Step-by-step interior design process - Your unique differentiator - Your brand strategy and marketing position - Free templates and resources each week - What to prepare before hiring a publicist - What the PR commitment looks like - What to know before your photoshoots - Breaking down the PR investment - How you know when PR is successful - The 2023 media landscape - Executable PR tips you can do on your own - Template for pitching your projects to editors
Featured Events
Denver Art Museum, Sturm Grand Pavilion, Colorado, March 23
The University Club, New York, April 11
ARCH Store, Illinois, April 13
ADAC, Georgia, April 18