A Sensorial Symphony with Studio Zung and Bang & Olufsen
December 5-19
Shop Zung
41 Grand St.
New York, New York

This holiday season Studio Zung with Bang & Olufsen are intertwining offerings through the art of listening and the engagement of all five senses, anchored by a celebration of natural materials and interactive play.

An audio-sensory exhibition invites attendees to experience immersive ambiance through three distinctive avenues: 

Participants will be encouraged to slow down and unplug from the digital world in solitary reflection while selecting a CD from our curated list of albums and spiritual readings. Woven into the audio experience is the rich lineage of Bang & Olufsen utilizing the iconic discontinued analog Beosound 9000 CD.

Intimate duets with a partner or a stranger will be happening throughout the event using the revived Beogram 4000C, an iconic turntable from the original 1967 design that set the standard for all subsequent record players – now re-imagined for contemporary use. A special curation of rare and contemporary music selected in collaboration with Light In The Attic Records and our Founder, Tommy Zung will be featured for listening.

The exhibition will foster participation in the open-air gathering space to engage in collective discourse on memory, materiality, and heritage, all while immersing yourself in the enticing aromas of Studio Zung’s new home fragrance line. Also celebrating the holiday launch of our signature scent, Studio Zung Apotek will be available in the form of room and linen sprays, diffuser oils, and roll-on perfume oils, Palo Santo and Rose, united in harmony, accompany you on your journey to True North — your inner calling, your true self.

Join us for this heartfelt ode to craft, heritage, and lineage in collaboration with B&O and Studio Zung. For an experience that transcends the ordinary, come be present for “A Sensory Symphony.”

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