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What’s New, What’s Next: the evening hours
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With a strong kick-off, the New York Design Center's What's New, What's Next didn't miss a beat as the evening hours set in. Here are some more highlights:

Thomas O'Brien, Katharine Hable Sweeney, Mitchell Owens and Mariette Himes Gomez

AD100 designers Mitchell Owens, Mariette Himes Gomez, Thomas O’Brien and Katharine Hable Sweeney, joined Architectural Digest at the Hickory-Chair Pearson Showroom to explore the latest innovations in product design, what’s next and what’s on its way out.

“Brass beds, I love them but I don’t think I have sold one,” said Gomez. “I thought wouldn’t that be a nice thing, instead of the upholstered head boards, but we don’t see them being used anymore.”

“I’m always shopping, always looking and I’ve seen a lot of traditional things,” said O’Brien. “But I am going towards more modern now, clean and crisp things.”

Tori Mellot, Nina Freudenberger, Nick Olsen, Christina Murphy and Ann Maine

Traditional Home’s Senior Design Editor, Tori Mellot, moderated a discussion at the Lexington Home Brands Showroom about how to successfully mix traditional and modern with designers Nina Freudenberger, Christina Murphy and Nick Olsen, all of whom do so in their designs.

“Anytime that you can look back to a previous era of design and update it, that’s classic,” said Freudenberger. “It’s a huge umbrella but being a classic has to be earned. What’s new is putting a modern spin on a classic.”

Charles Pavarini

Charles Pavarini III took the floor at the Cliff Young Ltd. Showroom for a talk about the use of LED and OLED lighting in design. According to Pavarini, the incandescent bulbs are phasing out while the LEDs are taking center stage.

“The old style of light bulbs is what designers are used to designing a fixture around,” said Pavarini. “Now the big challenge is how to incorporate the new style of lights into a design.”

Cindy Allen, Joan Blumenfeld, Laura Bohn, Christopher Coleman, David Ling, Jayne Michaels and Paul Ochs

Interior Design Magazine, hosted a panel of designers who participated in Open House New York, opening their own homes up to the public to take a peek at their designs at the Stephanie Odegard Collection Showroom. The panel included Joan Blumenfeld, Laura Bohn, Christopher Coleman, David Ling, Jayne Michaels and Paul Ochs.

“Designers get to use their own homes as a sort of laboratory,” said Coleman. “I just buy things that I like and I figure out how to use them later.”

In the meantime, Tim Byrnes, Stephane and Frouwkje Pagani, Linda Holtzchue, Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons all gave talks about their products, designs, and what is next for them at the Get Back, Inc., Profiles, Smith & Watson and Ted Boerner Showrooms respectivley.

LUXE Interiors + Design’s Editor-in-Chief Pamela Jaccarino gave a sneak peak into the collaborative design think-tank at the Designlush Showroom, while New York Spaces Editor-in-Chief, Jason Kontos, gave a sneak peak into the October “High Design” issue at the Atelier Showroom.

Bright Group designers Evan Lewis, Douglas Levine, and Stan Gottlieb discussed todays furniture trends and designers Suysel dePedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster had some “pillow talk” discussing the most personal space in the home, the bedroom.

Veranda Magazine toasted Thomas Pheasant’s newest collection at the Baker Knapp & Tubbs Showroom, with an exhibition of select pieces juxtaposed alongside visual images of Pheasant’s real world influence.

The night ended at the Niermann Weeks Showroom for the celebration of Rue Magazine’s second anniversary. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeurves and cocktails, met with the editorial team, and mingled with industry friends.

Until next year, that’s What’s New and What’s Next!

Photos courtesy of Matthew Carasella Photography/Social Shutterbug and Todd Westphal/Todd Westphal Photography

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