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SEE publishes booklet on sustainability and innovation in design
Jun 11, 2010

Sharing Experience Europe (SEE) has launched its second booklet of six: Realising Sustainability and Innovation Through Design. The booklet explores how design can contribute to fostering a culture of sustainability and innovation in communities, industry, the public sector and aims to demonstrate how design can incite a sustainable and innovative mindset in society.
A network of eleven UK-based design organizations, SEE was formed with the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience in order to develop new thinking, disseminate good practices and influence local, regional and national policies for design and innovation in their countries.
The partners come from UK, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain—all of whom work as an integral part of their own regional innovation policy and their regional governments have committed to exploring improvements in the provision and delivery of innovation, entrepreneurship and design through individual or joint policies.
The organization will publish six bulletins between 2009 and 2011, which will include research papers, interviews, updates, special reports and case studies about programmes and policies on design, innovation and related matters such as competitiveness, sustainability, R&D, entrepreneurship and social and economic development.
The next two: Evaluation Tools for Implementing Design Policy is due October 2010, and "Bringing Innovative Ideas to the Market More Quickly" is due May 2011.

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