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Online-only design packages: The future of design?
Boh staff
By Staff

Interior designer Lindsay Saccullo, who recently left Cullman & Kravis to build a solo brand and to freelance for Laurel & Wolf, is one of the latest in a crop of tech-savvy pros to implement an online-only design package. Saccullo’s DigiDesign package provides clients with access to the designer, plus a full-fledged design concept. Saccullo shared her take on why the Web has been such a boon for business.

What does the DigiDesign package include?  
It includes an initial digital survey, an initial-concept digital style board, unlimited email communication regarding design for six business days, and a final concept, which includes final digital style board, floor plan, and links to purchase all items online.

Where did the idea for the concept originate? Was it in response to client demand?
In a lot of ways, this seems to be the future of design. It was a combination of the vast array of products now available on the Internet, client demand, and inspiration from other companies such as Laurel & Wolf and Zoom Interiors. It’s for the average person who doesn’t want to go “full throttle” with an in-home designer and to the trade-only products. I find that a lot of people are intimidated by the design process, and this is for those who need some help but are just getting their feet wet in the world of interiors, often overwhelmed by the process.

How has client response been so far?
So far, so good! People have loved how easy and accessible it has been. They can literally do it from their sofa, their car—not while driving of course!—or their desk at work. Everyone is so busy these days. If something is just a click away, it’s that much easier for them.

What are the challenges and benefits of implementing a digital offering like this one?
There are definitely some challenges. The first being that there is just nothing like being in the space in person. That is the best way to get a feel for an interior and measure everything for your own peace of mind as the designer. There is only so much information an iPhone snap and an online survey can communicate.

I’m still a huge proponent of in-person, in-the-field design. But the benefit of this is the accessibility for the busy or intimidated client. It’s just another avenue to offer someone who needs some help with an interior. It also limits travel greatly for both parties. Last but not least, it is a great benefit for me as the designer to work mostly from home, and allows me to spend more time with my toddler!

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