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New color selection tool from Sherwin Williams debuts
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Sherwin-Williams has launched ColorSnap, an online and in-store system that encompasses a new in-store color display called ColorSnap Studio; an online set of tools termed ColorSnap Visualizer; and an extended suite of tools for pros called ColorSnap Design Pro Suite. The new in-store color display organizes colors by family, such as red, yellow or blue, and displays saturation level from bright to neutral, as well as a new category for whites. Each of the color families are cast on one of 24 rotating panels, and users can view a curated selection of about 50 paint chips of specific colors within that color family by rotating the panel.

Sherwin-Williams worked with IDEO, the design and innovation consultancy, to create the in-store display, which is designed for both professionals and consumers alike. “We were honored to work with Sherwin-Williams to reimagine the color selection journey through the lens of the company’s many diverse customers. After a thoughtful and iterative design process, we’re excited to see ColorSnap come to life,” said Michelle Ha Tucker, portfolio director of IDEO.

The new ColorSnap Design Pro Suite includes a new fan deck, portable and desktop kits, plus a complete palette guide for easy reference. “With the ColorSnap system, we’ve created a completely new way to navigate color. Whether in their neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store, at home or on the go, ColorSnap provides a solution to easily explore and find color any way the consumer chooses,” Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, explained. The design pro version of ColorSnap will be rolled out in early 2016.


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Mitchell Denburg, Remote
Mitchell Denburg, Remote