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Highlights from DDB’s Fall Market: Day Two
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The Decoration and Design Building’s (DDB) Fall Market continued yesterday with even more designers perusing showrooms and engaging in timely industry discussions.

Here are some highlights from the second day:

The day once again began with a keynote presentation in the Astra Café, where four of the 2012 Stars of Design Award winners joined Wendy Goodman, Design Editor of New York Magazine and Design Hunting.

Dror Benshetrit, Laura Starr, Kelly Behun, Wendy Goodman, Radael de Cardenas

The panel included recipients: Laura Starr for Landscape Design, Dror Benshetrit for Product Design and Stars on the Rise winners Kelly Behun and Rafael de Cardenas.

The group dove into the discussion of designing across the disciplines and revealed the integrative approach of their work. Designers revealed their “aha” moments and what inspires them most.

De Cardenas explained to the audience that he has aha moments all the time. “I had one a few weeks ago when I realized just how lucky we are,” he said. “This is a luxury and we are gifted that we get to do this as a job.”

Starr explained how she gets her landscape inspiration just from pure nature, and immersing herself in that nature, while Benshetrit described his inspiration as flowing every single day. He said he’s had no one real turning point in his career because he feels that every day is one.

Behun said she realized her passion for design when she saw the effect it can have on human emotion. “It can be transformative,” she said. “When I saw something different in a house for the first time I was aware of the effects design can have on a person, it made me feel something.”

A reception followed in the Armani/Casa showroom where guests were able to meet and chat with the winners and have a light snack.

Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia, Founder of Stacy Garcia Inc., was in the Classic Rug Collection Showroom for a talk about trend forecasting. She spoke about upcoming trends, colors and influences that designers will be soon seeing in the industry.

Garcia’s talk explored how politics, the environment and culture are ever-inspiring and changing the trends around us.

She also explained that colors like deep chocolate browns and neutrals are making a comeback, while purples, blues, and grays remain a staple. She predicted the color of the year in 2013 to be “bright.”

Michael Kirkpatrick, Sean O'Hara, John Pomp

Michael Wolleager, Editorial Director of Interiors Magazine, hosted a discussion In the A. Rudin Showroom, with lighting designer John Pomp, sculptor Sean O’Hara, and furniture designer Michael Kirkpatrick.

The discussion by three master craftsmen focused on their crafts and the unique paths they take within design. Pomp described his process of blowing glass and working with glass as “a mysterious and magical process.”

All three designers connected their passion for designing to childhood. Kirkpatrick was always making things, working with materials and creating forms in his youth.

O’Hara said his inspiration as a sculptor comes from the world itself, and that he sees everything in shapes and forms.

At the Crestron Showroom, attendees learned “how to change a light bulb” at an event sponsored by CL Sterling & Son. Environmental psychologist and lighting designer Linnaea Tilett discussed ambiance, thoughtful distribution of light and the simple love she has for lighting.

Next, the Rose Tarlow | Melrose House presented “The Dollar and Sense of Design” and explained how designers can educate their clients about value, quality and maximizing budget limitations.

Iris Dankner

The Lorin Marsh Showroom hosted a handful of this year’s Holiday House designers for a panel discussion focusing on what each of the designers have learned about creating a successful showhouse space.

The panel was moderated by the Holiday House Chair and Founder, Iris Dankner, and included Geoffrey Bradfield, Paula Caravelli, Eric Cohler and Vicente Wolf.

The take-away that all designers agreed on was that designing for a showhouse is the perfect opportunity to be creative.

The second keynote presentation of the day followed with a dialogue between three different “tastemakers”: entertaining expert Danielle Rollins; designer Miles Redd; and Vice President and Design Decorator for Tiffany and Co. Richard Lambertson. Moderated by Editorial Director of Cottages & Gardens Publications DJ Carey, the panel discussed how they transcend disciplinary boundaries, creating a unique sense of style for themselves and their clients.

Miles Redd, Danielle Rollins, Richard Lambertson

The panelists were lively and shared personal stories of their work and the journeys they’ve taken to get to where they are.

“There’s really no right or wrong way to do something,” said Rollins of her party designs. “If I don’t have something, I just make it.”

Redd told the audience the three most important things to him that make up style are: great art, great books and great friends. “Style is not necessarily about money,” he said.

Lambertson explained how he is so inspired by interiors and the colors within them.

A reception followed in the Anichini Showroom, where guests got to take a peek at Rollin’s and Redd’s new books: Soiree: Entertaining with Style and The Big Book of Chic, respectively.

Brie Dyas and Iris Apfel

Style and design icon Iris Apfel held court and fielded questions, In the Stark Showroom, from Huffington Post Stylelist Editor Brie Dyas. Guests learned about everything from her eclectic approach to design to her feelings on style, trends and taste.

When asked how she felt about trends she responded, “I’ve never been about them, and people who are, are afraid.”

The day ended with two private events in the Donghia and Moura Starr Showrooms.

Donghia launched Porta Romana, which was presented by Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine. Pamela Jaccarino, Editor-in-Chief, hosted a celebration with Donigha President Crans Baldwin to welcome the new collection.

Moura Starr hosted a cocktail celebration to welcome its newest addition, Baltus.

Blogger Jennifer Mehditash of Dec-a-porter, tweeted at the end of the day "Thank you to Ashlee Harrison and the D&D Building for putting together a stellar group of talks and events for DDB's Fall Market, It was wonderful!"

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