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Amy Campos named IIDA Educator of the Year
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By Staff

“I LOVE to teach,” said Amy Campos, IIDA, of Amy Campos Architect who is the recipient of the second annual International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Educator of the Year Award. “There is such an abundance of opportunity in the field of interior design right now and it is evidenced in the way my students embrace material science, urban reformation, human interaction and the artful articulation of space and the human experience within it."

The award was created to honor a full-time educator’s exceptional accomplishments and commitment to Interior Design. Campos will receive a $10,000 cash prize, sponsored by Milliken, as well as a complimentary 2014 IIDA Membership, and be celebrated at the annual meeting to be held June 9 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

“It is a huge honor to be recognized by the IIDA in this way,” said Campos. “I could not have produced the work, proposed the projects, partnered with the right clients, or pushed myself as hard without the many mentors, supportive partners, fellow educators and amazing students that I have had the privilege of working with during my ten year teaching career—I credit all of them for helping me achieve such an award.”

“The Educator of the Year award offers not only much appreciated recognition for the work I have already started, but the responsibility and opportunity to participate in the evolution of interior design education and practice within an international forum,” she added.

“Amy Campos, through her dedication to Interior Design and her commitment to its most current and relevant instruction, defines what it means to be a design professor,” said IIDA executive vice president and CEO Cheryl Durst, Hon. FIIDA, LEED AP. “The scope of her activities on behalf of Design and on behalf of her community illustrate that she not only teaches, but at every level lives her role as a design professional with the best interests of her community very much at heart. The passion with which she pursues her goals, sharing her knowledge and experience with her students and everyone around her make us exceptionally proud to recognize her as Educator of the Year for 2013.”

Last year’s Educator of the Year, Liset Robinson, IIDA, of SCAD-Atlanta, and one of the judges for this year’s award, agreed: “The first thing that came to mind when I reviewed Amy Campos' submittal was ‘rock star,’” she said. “She exemplifies the forward thinking that we look for among interior design educators today, and her mentorship of students has served as a pivotal point in their lives. Her approach is relevant, mixing social stewardship with sustainability, in lecture and studio courses, to provide an interdisciplinary and global viewpoint that we can all learn from."

Campos has maintained a thoroughly active career, seamlessly intertwining her design accomplishments with her role as an educator and supporter of the community. Her body of work displays a rigorous focus on evolving environmental and sustainable concerns, in her field of instruction, her research and in her exhibitions. In addition to her position as owner and principal of her ACA firm in San Francisco, Campos serves as assistant professor at California College of the Arts, where she teaches and develops new courses for the interior design program. 

“I teach awareness, engagement and empowerment to designers and I love doing it,” said Campos. “Interior design, as a discipline, a practice and an area of expertise, offers unique perspective and power in the betterment of our built environment and culture. It is a very exciting time to participate in the future of a discipline that has such a strong historical foundation with an incredibly rich and diverse path forward. I believe the larger contributions of interior designers effect mass markets which can direct solutions to global issues of consumption and waste; are in a distinct position to address large scale migratory tendencies of future populations, their industries and how to deal with resultant excess building stock; and can, therefore, help bring design solutions to social, political and economic issues in the world. I know these are big ideas, but I genuinely believe that interior designers have a particular and potent role to play as we contend with these issues in the future."

Campos is currently working with CCA Fashion Professor Lynda Grose to co-develop an approved upper-level undergraduate interdisciplinary studio focused on sustainability.

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