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“I work with purpose driven creators focused on doing things differently. It’s my job to help them align their careers, businesses, & lives with their unique HUMAN DESIGN, so that they can fall into their strengths, unlock their potential, and achieve their most unreasonable goals.” Unleash the Power of YOU. DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE? I spent the first 17 years of my career feeling completely miserable. I was stuck in a place of listening to what others thought I "should" do and how I "should" do it. I was living in the land of the status quo when at my core, I wanted nothing more than to do things differently, take creative risks, and stand out. This internal battle I was waging, without knowing it at the time, made me feel like I was wearing someone else's skin, and like the real me, the part that wanted to shine, was slowly dying a little bit every day. Over the past ten years, I have developed a system for trusting myself, my strengths, my creativity, and my ideas. And it is a system that I continually build upon, deepen, and tweak. My goal is to share these tools with you because I never want anyone to suffer the way I did early in my career. That said, creating the change you want to see in your business and your life takes commitment and dedication to yourself, your goals, your vision, and your team. It is not a frivolous task, nor is it always a smooth road, but the results are worth the investment of time and money.
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sale strategy
luxury brand management
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