Nashville Design Week
November 1-5
Nashville Design Week is a five-day citywide calendar of highly-curated interdisciplinary programs and events hosted by Nashville creatives to engage designers and anyone interested in design. Founded in 2018 by Nashville’s design community, Nashville Design Week serves as an accessible platform for bold collaborations and conversations that promote idea sharing, engage and educate the public, and strengthen Nashville’s design culture and impact. The calendar consists of workshops, lectures, panels and tours showcasing designers across industries, from architecture and interiors to graphic, industrial and fashion design. The focus of Nashville Design Week 2021, scheduled for November 1-5, 2021, will honor the idea of transition, marking the middle ground between a trying year and reinvigoration, with striking design that gives viewers pause and calls them to reflection. Attendees will be invited to imagine what will come next and how we’ll design it together.
Featured Events
Battersea Park, GB, October 21
Merchandise Mart, Illinois, October 27
The Shade Store, IL, October 27
ADAC, Georgia, October 27
Kirk Hopper Gallery, Texas, October 28