| Jan 9, 2013 |
Tobi Fairley introduces e-coaching for designers
By Staff

Interior designer Tobi Fairley is hoping to inspire the elite of the design world with her new e-coaching initiative, providing designers with tips and tools to take them to the top. The e-coaching is all done via email from Fairley and her consulting staff.

“I wanted to create something that was affordable and available to many people,” said Tobi Fairley, CEO of Tobi Fairley Interiors. “There are people who need daily motivation and weekly goals to meet.”

Participants will receive weekly business-boosting emails as follows:

• Week 1: Each month will begin with a lesson from Fairley on a fundamental business concept: niche marketing, ideal clients, fees vs. hourly rates, etc.

• Week 2: Participants will receive one or more of Fairley's time-tested ideas to help apply the concepts from week one’s content.

• Week 3: Fairley will demonstrate ways to keep a personal- and work-life balance.

• Week 4: Each month will come full circle with a motivational ‘pump-up’ as Fairley shares an idea or perspective that has inspired and empowered her in business.

“E-coaching is a combination of lessons, business inspiration and personal inspiration,” said Fairley. “Creatives are the worst at taking care of themselves, so I’m stressing self-care, nurture yourself so you can nurture your business.”

With the e-coaching membership, participants will be enrolled in Fairley's book club. Each year, Fairley will cover six of her all-time favorite books and after reading them, she will share her biggest takeaways from each book with a recorded message delivered to participants via email.

Another part of the e-coaching program is the dedicated Facebook forum where all members can interact with one another, discuss books and new ideas and make a friend or two.

Fairley’s e-coaching officially launched on Dec. 7 and is growing quickly. “I had a goal in my head of how many people I wanted to have signed up by the end of January, and we surpassed that number in December,” said Fairley.

Membership is $100 a month or $1000 for a year, and can be cancelled at any time. Click here to register and send Ashley an email at Ashley@tobifairley.com for more information.

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