| Apr 28, 2016 |
NousDecor launches design app
Boh staff
By Staff

Online interior design service NousDecor is now mobile. The site’s users can initiate and manage professional interior design projects via iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Users work with both designer Mark Cutler and the company’s in-house design team on residential decoration, using the app to take photos of rooms, projects, furniture and spaces, then uploading them for the team’s review. They can also ask questions and offer immediate feedback on the design team’s work. 

The NousDecor team—CEO Heather Gillette, co-founder and chief marketing officer Dorothee Fisher, and chief designer Mark Cutler—sat down with EAL to discuss how their services can benefit interior designers. 

How do you work with interior designers? 
We currently work with our in-house team of designers when it comes to creating personalized looks for our users. Those who seek NousDecor’s help typically don’t think they can afford an interior designer just yet, but appreciate beautiful design.... 

For our popular digital magazine The Accent, we have several well-known designers who write and syndicate content about home tours, design trends, DIY decor projects and more. We’re building a community around design and aiming to bring in different ideas, voices and perspectives. We’re always looking for contributors, so please contact us if you’re interested.

What are the opportunities at NousDecor for designers?
Currently, our interior designers are in-house, but we’re always exploring creative ways to build out our team, especially as we grow. And as we create more design tools, there will inevitably be more ways we can work with designers. This is particularly true of…The Accent, which accepts guest-contributed content about design trends, home decor and more.  

What is the significance of the new mobile app? What are the benefits it brings to clients?  
With the new mobile app, users are able to start and manage an interior design project entirely via the app, the website or a combination of the two. The app has the additional functionality of snapping or uploading a photo of their room, furniture they’re keeping and spaces that inspire them, and those photos are directly uploaded into their project folder for the design team to review. From there, they can continue to communicate directly and in real-time with the design team to review the looks created, give feedback and finalize the design, all via the app (or via desktop, if preferred). The addition of the mobile app makes the entire experience more streamlined and efficient, allowing users to have access to beautiful and comprehensive interior design at a fraction of the cost and time. It’s a much more convenient format to match our users’ on-the-go lifestyles.

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