| Nov 4, 2010 |
Fall Fashion Report highlights top trends
By Staff

Just released, Highpoint Market's Fall 2010 Fashion Report outlines seven key trends from October market.

Comfort Mood: People are in need of a respite in their homes, and exhibitors responded with warm and comforting looks that have a strong nostalgic spirit.

Take Me Away: Exotic excursions are intriguing, even if consumers may not be able to afford to travel to faraway lands. That wanderlust is sparking new looks.

Al Fresco: A backlash to the high-tech world has us stepping into the great outdoors to escape.

Color Me Glad: Bright colors are stirred in with grey and neutrals to bring a pop of happy color to an otherwise calm and soothing palette.

Shape of Things to Come: This trend draws a line from point A to point B, so get out your compass.

This Is How We Live: The way we use our living spaces is changing dramatically, and home furnishings companies are responding with products to fit the new reality.

Finishing the Story: It’s all about the finishes, or the lack of finishes.

New, emerging trends they uncovered include:

Retro Runway: Mad Men and a mad mad world have us reaching back for a nostalgic feeling. Retro looks were all the rage on the runways, and those styles will be stepping into the home.

Pattern Play: As always, we find inspiration in nature and travel, but it’s where we focus our attention next that garners the buzz.

Verne’s Victoriana: A heady mixture of Victorian and industrial is gaining ground as a cultural phenomenon as much as a fashion statement, and it’s beginning to make an impact in home furnishings.

Color Is Coming: Color is on the horizon. Look for the ’70s to be a major influence on the colors for 2011 and 2012.

French Connection: Ah, Paris – the romance, the history, the je ne sais quoi. Forget the Brit invasion, this is about joie de vivre.

Art Gallery: Art has always inspired, but today’s interpretations feature grand works directly on the furnishings themselves.

Glass Act: The material of choice for forward-thinking designers, glass is finding its way into fascinating forms.

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