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Original 1959 Blondel La Rougery Paris Map

Jun 19, 2017
This is an exceptionally rare first-edition map of Paris from 1959. It's framed dimensions are 48.625" wide x 36.75" high. This map was produced by Blondel La Rougery (Plan du Centre de Paris - A Vol d'Oiseau) as an adaptation of the Turgot de Paris map of 1739. It is reputed that Georges Peltier spent 20 years and approx. 30,000 hours preparing this map. The detailed, three-dimensional drawings of post-WW2 Paris is truly exquisite, as is the brilliant turquoise of the Seine. This map has been reprinted several times in the 20th c., but this is the original 1959 version. The map is in very good condition. It has been archivally framed by a well-known New York city framer, J. Pocker & Sons. There is acid free backing, an ivory silk matte and burlwood framing that flatters the map. There is one minor chip at the top left corner, where the art will meet the wall - NOT visible when hung or from the front. Packing & Shipping $175.00 (add $50 if shipped to Alaska or Hawaii).
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Kate Hauser
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Kate Hauser is a residential, and boutique commercial, interior designer located in Fairfield County CT.

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