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BDDW’s Tyler Hays is the Uncle of the Maker Movement
September 17, 2018

Whether it’s digging clay for his tile collection, harvesting barley for his brewery, painting and weaving textiles for his clothing line, milling high-end furniture for his showroom, or assembling musicians for a metal band, Tyler Hays is as hands-on with each of his hobbies-turned-businesses as you’d expect from a master craftsman. As a small-town high-school dropout with above-average sewing skills, he never imagined himself a businessman, much less a manager of 100 employees, tens of millions in revenue, and a celebrity-studded customer base. In this week’s episode, Hays shares his circuitous journey from rural Oregon to BBDW in Manhattan, and the countless creative endeavors along the way. This episode is sponsored by Fuigo.

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