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The secret to attracting millennials in India

international | February 20, 2019
The juxtaposition of modern contemporary furniture with traditional Indian motifs serves as the basis of the design studio’s aesthetic. By Nikhita Mahtani

The story behind Paris Déco Off’s signature lanterns

international | January 11, 2019
European flax-linen and hemp confederation Masters of Linen hung the first strand of textile-covered lanterns in Paris in 2013. Today, the sight is a signature of Paris Déco Off, which celebrates its 10th edition this month. By Mel Studach

Canada’s design scene is primed for American manufacturers

international | December 14, 2018
A country where things used to be “very beige,” Canada is now a cosmopolitan destination with a blossoming design scene. Phillip Jeffries recently launched an operation there, and is a study in the challenges and rewards for American companies heading north. By Fred Nicolaus

How design may help reverse India’s environmental crisis

international | December 7, 2018
From Ikea to independent manufacturers, designers in India are using eco-friendly innovation to fight pollution—but it remains to be seen whether the relatively new movement will have a lasting impact. By Nikhita Mahtani

Minimalism—and Ikea—arrive in India

international | November 20, 2018
The design aesthetic in India has traditionally had an eclectic feel, with a wealth of textures and embellished Colonial furniture. But with the trend tide turning toward minimalism, how do designers embrace the new without forsaking the country’s rich history? By Nikhita Mahtani

Path to China: 8 brands explain their Shenzhen strategy

international | November 9, 2018
With a major new International Art Design Center opening in Shenzhen next year, Business of Home talked shop with eight companies opening showrooms, and the future they see for the Chinese design market. By Jeffrey Preis

How Trump's tariffs put the home industry at risk

international | November 7, 2018
Political turbulence and an escalating trade war between the U.S. and China threaten to destabilize the production processes of many industry manufacturers. By Mel Studach
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