Unspoken Words / A New Rug Collection by Brian O'Hara
November 13
Kalima product erik lindstrom

Lindström invites you and a guest to Unspoken Words, an intimate evening to celebrate the launch of our latest rug collection designed by local artist phenom, Brian O'Hara.

 A dyslexic that loved to write backwards, Brian creates his designs using mirror-writing, turning his talent into a means of communicating messages of positivity. Brian utilized his 20+ years of experience in fashion, design and brand direction to build a compelling portfolio of more than 20 large-scale projects encompassing upscale restaurants, residential and commercial properties to fashion brands.

For Lindström, he applied his method to the medium of rugs, using color, texture and pile variants to create bespoke, patterns of organized chaos. Brian's rugs and original artwork will be on display, showcasing his uncanny ability to create intricate patterns from words or phrases.

Brian will be joined by Julie Piatt, founder of Srimu, an exclusive artisan cheese company whom Brian created the original packaging for. Srimu is Universal; vegan, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free and made with mostly organic ingredients!

Valet provided. Cocktails, DJ and other Vegan treats will be on hand!

RSVP / rsvp@lindstromrugs.com

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