The Interior Design MBA Certificate Program
February 15 - July 26
David Shepherd
More than 4,000 interior designers have completed educational events developed by David Shepherd, and hundreds more have hired him as a coach and consultant. Over the course of almost 20 years, David has combined his time on the faculty of a top-ranked business school with developing the ultimate, comprehensive business skills training program for interior designers. Created to give design firm principals (including sole practitioners) the 3 Cs—competence, confidence, and control—the Program covers all of the business skills you need, yet were not taught during your academic work. While Units cover complex topics like finance, marketing, and technology, David's lifetime of teaching university students has enabled him to make them easy to understand and even entertaining. Each week for six months, you will be notified that a new video tutorial is available as well as any bonus videos and supplemental learning materials. When requested, David will schedule Zoom "office hours" for students. The 24 Units include: Creating Wealth, Building the Right-sized Firm, Developing a Winning Strategy, The Power of Strategic Pricing, Keeping it Simple, Marketing Part I, Financial Statement Basics, Cash Flow Basics, Management and Hiring, Software and Technology, Letters of Agreement, Presentation Skills, Selling Design Services, Time Billing Management, Procurement, Marketing Part II, Strategy Part II, Key Measurements and Benchmarks, Budgeting for Profit, Margins and Markups, Developing Your Business Plan, and various Case Study presentation. While optional, those who successfully complete the Units and the associated quizzes will be awarded their IDMBA Certificate. All designers are invited to enroll in the Program starting February 15, 2021, and enjoy the first three Units free of charge. No credit card is required and there is no obligation.
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The Philadelphia Show, Online, April 23
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