Science in Design Summit
June 9 - November 10
The Science in Design Summit is a series of in-person or virtual educational opportunities happening across the US and Canada. Starting on June 9 in Toronto, then moving to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Minneapolis, Dallas and New York City. The summits are a full day, and include 6 separate seminars presented by scholars and academics in the fields of science and medicine. Speakers and content come from Johns Hopkins University, Boston Architectural College, Europe's leading biophilic educator, and authors of "Beauty, Neuroscience and Architecture" and "Cognitive Architecture." BE THE FIRST TO KNOW The Science in Design Summit is the design industry's first effort to learn what science and medicine know about the health benefits of beauty, nature and design. The content is cutting edge and game changing. BENEFITS TO DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS: Be the first in your market to: - Improve the health of your clients by executing cutting edge science and technology - Apply fresh knowledge of how our environment, our personal ecosystem, acts on our bodies and minds - Align your design firm with the country's leading science and medical authorities - Validate what you already improve the health of your clients with beauty and fine design. Science now proves it! Tour Dates and Cities 1. June 9, 2022 – IMPROVE Canada, Toronto 2. June 21, 2022- San Francisco Design Center 3. June 23, 2022 – Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles 4. July 24-26, 2022 - Las Vegas Market, Nevada 5. September 15, 2022 - Boston Design Center 6. October 13, 2022 – IMS, Minneapolis 7. Autumn, 2022 – New York Design Center 8. November 10, 2022 - Dallas Market Center The Science in Design Summit International Tour is Co-Founded by Mike Peterson and Linda Kafka. Both are industry leaders in the US and Canada and are proud to bring science into the discussion of design's ability to improve health.
Featured Events
Museum Hill, New Mexico, July 7
World Market Center Las Vegas, NV, July 24
Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, Georgia, August 17