Unleash Your Inner Salesperson
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Instructor Emil Everett, October 9, 2018; 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.. New York Design Center
October 9, 2018 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
New York Design Center

Little did you know, when you decided to become a designer, you signed up to be a salesperson, too. Not the icky kind, but the effective kind who asks the right kind of questions when meeting with potential clients, and speaks confidently about his or her experience, expertise and vision in order to land the next big project. The reality is, perfecting "the sell" will actually give you more opportunities to focus on what presumably you love most: design. We’ve partnered with the expert trainers at Dale Carnegie to coach you into a full-blown master of consultational sales and an expert on conversational questioning, so you can walk into that next business meeting, industry event or presentation with confidence.

In this class you will learn:
- How to differentiate types of customers and identify what motivates them
- Techniques to widen the buyer’s gap and create a sense of urgency
- To develop powerful questions to get the information you need from your client
- How to create interest by describing what the customer can expect from your solution

After this class you will have:
- The skills to effectively uncover your client’s needs and how to present your solutions to solving them.


Emil is a highly-trained program facilitator with twenty years of experience with profit and not-for-profit institutions such as Thompson Reuters, UNICEF, Microsoft, Loro Piana and others. His experience in training ranges from negotiation skills, sales, presentation, executive leadership, and management. His unique philosophy of training tap into the innovative thinking of other professionals to problem solve challenges and achieve greater focused on accomplishing goals. Over ninety-nine percent of participants have stated that his programs met or exceeded expectations. Thousands of professionals from over 100 industries across North America and Europe have benefited from Emil’s engaging facilitation.

Dale Carnegie was founded in 1912, and their original body of knowledge has been constantly updated, expanded and refined through nearly a century’s worth of real-life business experiences. Their programs, available in over 25 languages, show people all over the world how to communicate in a way that draws others in, so they can form closer, more rewarding relationships. Hard skills may get someone in the door, but they’re only half the story – true excellence comes when you marry your education and experience with a mastery of communication and relationships. Whether you’re starting out or stepping up, learning to lead or heading up a team, we sharpen your inner voice so you can use it with confidence to get the most out of your life and work.