Stress-Free Purchasing
Date Posted: 03/11/21
Category: Other
Location: Richmond, Virginia, US

Porter Street Purchasing is a full-service purchasing company charging only a small fee on trade or below pricing to take away the stress of all that goes into buying your client’s furniture, lighting, carpet, fabrics, wallpaper and everything in between. All of this done remotely and will free you, the designer, to do more of what you love to do – design. Skip all the headaches of ordering from multiple sites and countless phone calls and let us use our high-level service to ease your mind. Sit back, relax and let’s shop!

Simply email your cut sheet or specification, we will then return a custom proposal for approval and take it from there.

Our fee includes:

• Request for CFA's, finish samples, strike-offs and shop drawings (custom) for designer approval
• Tracking shipments
• Confirming receipt of the product at receiving warehouse
• Tracking reports
• Submitting and tracking damage claims

Contact information:
Sarah Caylor


Porter Street Purchasing (PSP)

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