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Feed Faves

Posing for Scale

Feed Faves @kellywearstler A self-portrait with the Pop commode

Feed Faves @alexdrewandnoone Alex Rosenhaus poses behind the Simplex Hydrangea mirror, next to Etagere No. 1

When in Paris

Feed Faves @sophiedow House Beautiful’s EIC Sophie Donelson, caught matching the bullion fringe and banquette in the Dedar showroom at Paris Déco Off.

Objects of Affection

Feed Faves @flatwhitebk Painterly stripes on a bespoke ceramic tile

Feed Faves @wakawakainc Two shapely pieces in birch plywood

Feed Faves @complements.chocolates Limited-edition edible architecture

Feed Faves @thehaasbrothers Microbeast Antiny Hopkins 

Blue Notes

Feed Faves @andobjects Leather-wrapped dining chair

Feed Faves @sothebys #SothebysAmericana sale

Man of  the Cloth

Feed Faves @vousta Life drawing workshop at a music festival in Marfa, Texas

Photography Kelly Wearstler: Olivia Malone; Complements Chocolates: chocolates by Universal Favourite and Bakedown Cakery, photography by Christopher Morris; The Haas Brothers: Justin Corbett/@magneticshadows; And Objects: Pete Navey; Sotheby’s: Courtesy Sotheby’s 

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