| Aug 6, 2010 |
Top designers identify emerging trends and innovations
Boh staff
By Staff

Three leading designers: Darryl Carter, Mary McDonald and Kishani Perera revealed their forecasts to a live audience during the Ahead of the Curve panel at Las Vegas Market earlier this week.

“It’s always exciting to identify stand-out pieces and trends,” said Susanna Salk, the panel's moderator and Today show contributor.

Each panelist scoured 5.1 million square feet of showrooms containing more than 1,400 product lines before identifying the following trends:

Geometric Forms: Bold yet subtle designs expressed with simple lines appear in couches, chairs, tables and fireplaces, among other items. The absence of embellishment and the visual simplicity of pure forms and shapes take these pieces beyond traditional or contemporary to timeless.

Textural Fusion: Amalgamations of various reclaimed textiles, these hand-stitched pieces marry worn antique styling with a new character born of the blending of their previous elements. The innovative constructions result in the reclamation of the originals in a unique artisan patchwork.

Patina: The authentic hand that accompanies aged wood and leather or unlacquered brass was on prominent display in showrooms throughout World Market Center. The suggestion of wear that results from exposure to sunlight and weather conditions cannot be reproduced, creating a credible sense that they are organic and ensuring their appeal will be enhanced over time.

Industrial: Finding new interpretations of familiar items breathes new life into a wide range of products. Exposed light bulbs, metal swingarms, repurposed bar carts and multi-element sculptures stand out as bold design statements in virtually any setting.

Collections: While a single elaborate piece can be eye-catching, creative collections can become the dynamic focal point of any environment. Grouping can set a prominent tone for an entire room, whether the elements are oil cans, hanging lanterns, baskets, decorative bottles or children’s prints.

Metallics: From hammered lamp shades to gold tones incorporated into outdoor furnishings, metallics are inspiring a wide range of pieces and categories at August Las Vegas Market. Elaborate shapes and unconventional implementations make for counterintuitive features that will define the character of any given environment.

Klismos: The classic curved backs of this ancient Greek style are prominently featured in everything from dining chairs to barstools to indoor-outdoor home furnishings. Appearing with contemporary wovens and reclaimed woods, the shaped-back styling defined items suitable for any room or patio.

Wovens: Open, woven patterns are being widely incorporated into table bases, chairs, tables and screens. Appearing equally as geometric and asymmetrical patterns, the trend marries form with function to create visually appealing designs in a wide selection of pieces.

Ethnic Ikat Patterns: Tribal patterns have been around for centuries, but these textiles are making a comeback in the design world. Featuring Far East ethnic qualities and vibrant color palettes, their mainstream appeal has exploded of late, defining toss cushions, bedding, draperies and throw rugs.

“We had a great time touring all three buildings at World Market Center Las Vegas,” said McDonald. “Showroom after showroom, floor after floor, we kept coming across innovative designs and applications that will appeal to the most disparate tastes.”

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