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Emojis make their way into wallpaper design
Aug 9, 2016

U.K.-based Murals Wallpaper has seized on the latest smartphone trend, creating a collection of emoji-themed wallpaper geared toward kids—but, according to the company, gaining a following among adults too.

Emojis make their way into wallpaper design Emojis make their way into wallpaper design
From left: The Food and Assorted emoji patterns by Murals Wallpaper

“After the release of the new emojis last month, and noticing the traction that emojis got in the press, we put our heads together and figured that emoji wallpaper was the way forward!” shares Catherine Jacob, head of design at Murals Wallpaper. “You could buy posters, cushions, even T-shirts covered in emojis, but we didn’t find any suitable decor solutions surrounding the trend. We love creating interiors that are fun yet still stylish, and this fit our ethos perfectly. We didn’t work with the company behind the emojis, but our talented team of designers at the studio illustrated our designs, giving the emojis a slightly more painterly feel. We wanted to make the emoji designs a little more apt for interior design.”

Emojis make their way into wallpaper design Emojis make their way into wallpaper design
Children's room designs

The wallpaper is available for purchase online, and comes in four patterns, including Girls, Boys, Assorted and Food. “We’ve found that it’s not just popular for kids or teens,” says Jacob. “We’ve actually had some adults purchase these wallpapers. We think they must be looking for quirky wallpapers that are still palatable and make a big impact. The Food emoji print in particular has been a favorite!”

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