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City Guide: Williamsburg, presented by The Shade Store
Boh staff
By Staff

Brooklyn has been transforming for decades now, but the design scene is only recently picking up real steam. On the occasion of The Shade Store’s foray into Williamsburg, with a new showroom at 204 Wythe Avenue, interior designer Laura Kirar shares her insights into the rapidly changing neighborhood.

Describe the design scene in Williamsburg.
“Currently, it’s pretty basic,” says Kirar. “I would say it’s a mix of the artisanal/handmade, the thrifted and the big-box retail. Williamsburg is filled with a lot of young people on budgets (they spend it all on their growing rent bills), so I think there’s a lot spent on fashion but not so much on home. That will change in the next five years as the neighborhood changes radically.”

What are the top design stores and home boutiques?
Kirar suggests visiting Karkula, Beam, and A&G Merch, as well as hidden finds like Life:Curated, Task, and Narnia Vintage.

Where do you find inspiration? 
“In my neighborhood, I find inspiration on the streets and at the Brooklyn Flea,” says Kirar. “I love to see what people are wearing and what they gravitate towards. It’s all very thrown together in a consciously un-conscious sort of way. It’s intentional jolie laide.”

Where do you take clients for lunch or coffee?
Marlow & Sons is Kirar’s top spot for meeting clients over a lunch or coffee break.

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