Mel Studach

David Sutherland on where opportunity exists today

podcast | March 18, 2019
Since opening his first multi-line showroom more than 40 years ago, David Sutherland has had a front-row seat to industry shifts. The entrepreneur shares his take on selling direct to consumers, the state of the multi-line showroom, and why partnering with companies like Restoration Hardware is smarter than competing with them. By Mel Studach

Designers’ best-kept-secret sources in paint, woodwork and more

trade tales | March 15, 2019
There’s no better-kept secret than a designer’s favorite source. We asked nicely, and interior designers Brooke McGuyer, Ron Marvin, Kristen Thomas, Anthony Dunning, Kate Abt and Douglas Graneto divulged a few. By Mel Studach

How this duo grew Allied Maker to $10 million in three years

podcast | March 11, 2019
In less than a decade, Ryden and Lanette Rizzo have turned a humble woodworking studio into a $10 million business. The married co-founders of Allied Maker reveal how they did it, the set-back moments endured along the way, and how they’re preparing for the lighting company’s next phase of growth in this week’s podcast episode. By Mel Studach

Catherine Connolly on how the internet could save the design industry

podcast | March 4, 2019
Merida CEO Catherine Connolly shares how she saved the American textile design company by restructuring its distribution model from retail to the trade, as well as why she believes the internet is a great thing for the elevation of design—and why designers will be among its biggest benefactors. By Mel Studach

Britt Bunn on meeting the modern consumer’s expectations

podcast | February 25, 2019
Having recently closed $2.6 million in funding for The Inside, Britt Bunn shares how the digitally native furniture company is acquiring new customers, why she disagrees with fast-fashion comparisons and what’s next for the brand. By Mel Studach
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