Arianne Nardo

The LA Design Festival comes of age

show & tell | June 17, 2019
The Los Angeles Design Festival kicks off June 20. Co-founder Haily Zaki let BOH pick her brain about spotlighting the city as a design capital, coordinating a large-scale show, and balancing authentic programming with brand sponsorships. By Arianne Nardo

Poshmark is breaking into home

digital disruptors | June 11, 2019
The $582 billion home decor industry has a new admirer. Poshmark, the digital peer-to-peer style marketplace, has expanded into decorative territory with launch of Home, a new category unveiled today. By Arianne Nardo

Sweeten grabs the SPF and heads west

california | June 5, 2019
Sweeten, a digital platform that matches people with vetted general contractors, is launching in Los Angeles. Founder and CEO Jean Brownhill tells BOH about the data-driven West Coast expansion strategy. By Arianne Nardo

Is the next design mecca ... the mall?

california | May 31, 2019
LA design and architecture firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios is selling its tabletop and new fashion line in a cutting-edge boutique by retail superstar Carl Louisville. Where? The mall. By Arianne Nardo

Why Tabarka’s artisan-first model makes more sense than ever

california | May 23, 2019
Some creative businesses are so niche, the fact they haven’t been pushed into extinction by quick-ship behemoths is reason enough to celebrate. Artisan surfaces company Tabarka Studio has not only survived, it has flourished despite the wider move toward automation, volume and lower price points. How? By Arianne Nardo

With A-List shakeup, Elle Decor declares design’s future is female

weekly feature | May 22, 2019
"More than a gender issue, this is about talent," says editor in chief Whitney Robinson. "What I want people to take from the new and improved A-List is that the design industry isn’t some kind of elitist echo chamber.” By Arianne Nardo

May the best design management software win

digital disruptors | May 21, 2019
The design industry has a new arms race: project management software. To the outside world, it is record-keeping with the sex appeal of the tax code. But for design professionals, it’s the administrative lifeblood of any operation that’s graduated from Excel and earnest prayer. On the heels of Ivy's announcement today of a new feature that converts mood boards into purchasing orders, here’s how project management platforms Ivy, Design Manager (now powered by 1stdibs), Studio Design and Fuigo are evolving to fit interior designers’ constantly changing digital admin needs. By Arianne Nardo

Can an ad-free approach make design blogs cool again?

industry insider | May 13, 2019
Lucy Loneragan, founder of Mavens of Design, has launched an original design photography and shopping blog that gives readers a peek inside the homes of stylish people—minus the sponcon, subscription fees or clickbait. By Arianne Nardo

Inside the new Sotheby’s Home design show

industry insider | May 7, 2019
Thursday marks the premiere of Sotheby’s Home’s new series, Working the Room, which features designers Nathan Turner, Tiffany Riggle and Mat Sanders creating one-of-a-kind spaces, and will spotlight the real skill and craft of the process. By Arianne Nardo
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