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Southampton mini showhouse open until end of September
Aug 4, 2015

A selection of interior designers are taking turns decorating Cocoon9, a "plug and play" home located at Mecox Gardens in Southampton, as a summer-long showhouse. Cocoon9 models are 160- to 480-square-foot, energy-efficient homes usable as primary residences, pool houses, guest cottages or office spaces, with fold-away furniture options and 10-foot-high windows. Other features include a modern kitchenette, 360-degree swiveling TV, a see-through ethanol fireplace, app-controlled entertainment system, LED lighting and FSC-certified wood materials.

Southampton mini showhouse open until end of September

Southampton mini showhouse open until end of September
Inside and outside Cocoon9 at Southampton's Mecox Gardens shop

The Cocoon in Southampton launched with Greg McKenzie Design–provided design and furnishings supplied by Mecox Gardens. Stylist Sarah Storms is next on the roster; she will add a more modern feel to the space.

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